There are two kinds of licenses for FIBPlus. If you buy a single license it means that only a single developer can install and use FIBPlus. If you have a lot of developers in your company you can purchase a Company license. It means that you can install unlimited copies of FIBPlus in your company. If you have more than 5 developers it is cheaper for you to purchase a Company license.

In order to keep our prices low, and to provide you with the latest version of our products when you order, all orders are fulfilled by Electronic Software Delivery (ESD). You can purchase FIBPlus On-Line, by Toll-Free Phone, Fax, or by Mail. After purchasing you will receive the registration number to contact our support and full sources of the current FIBPlus version. We will send it within within 24 hours by e-mail. Please make sure to include a valid e-mail address with your order.

Important: All registered FIBPlus users get all updates and new FIBPlus versions free of charge during a year after purchase! As regards to your payment to Devrace, Devrace grants to you a non-exclusive, perpetual license for the FIBPlus in the terms of License Agreement (read FIBPlus License on our website or License.rtf in FIBPlus archives). If you want to keep getting updates after a year you can purchase a license prolongation."

ShareIt accepts payments in US Dollars, Euro, Pound Sterlings, Japanese Yens, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars or Swiss Franks by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club), Bank/Wire Transfer, Check or Cash.

Check Resellers

When ordering any of our products, it is always worth checking with our resellers before buying directly from us. Our resellers often discount our products and offer many different ways of paying including accounts and the option of paying in your local currency.

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* Prices in US Dollars can differ because of the exchange rate.

License kind

Price in

Price in
US dollars


1 copy 235 348* Purchase
2-3 copies
(save from 38 to 57 Euro)
212 318* Purchase
4-5 copies
(save from 116 to 145 Euro)
188 288* Purchase
Company License (unlimited copies) 1250 1847* Purchase

Update discounts

We offer our registered users large prolongation discounts for next years. Buy a 1-year prolongation and get a 30% discount! Buy a 2-year prolongation and get a 50% discount! To claim for the discount, please, contact us.

Partner Discounts

Our partner, FastReport Software, offers FIBPlus customers discounts on FastReport. After purchasing FIBPlus you will get the links to order FastReport with 5% discount.

Our partner, ShellPlus Development Group, offers FIBPlus customers discounts on ShellPlus. After purchasing FIBPlus you will get the links to order ShellPlus with 20% discount.

Our partner, CleverComponents, offers FIBPlus customers discounts on Database Comparer VCL. After purchasing FIBPlus you will get the links to order Database Comparer with 10% discount.


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