Freeware Delphi and C++ Builder IDE expert

DesignerPlus is a freeware expert for Delphi IDE. It allows you to work with controls on forms, that is to change their positions, size, TabOrder properties, and some other things. Practically, DesignerPlus impoves functionality of standard Form Designer in Delphi and C++ Builder. In most cases it gives you an opportunity to work only with the help of hot keys without a mouse.

The current version of DesignerPlus supports Borland Delphi 3-7 and Borland C++ Builder 5.

DesignerPlus Benefits

Using DAP you have a diversity of great advantages, such as:

  • Manipulation of visual controls in Form Designer.
  • Special modes of automatic alignment and setting of size of components, viewing and setting of the TabOrder property for the component group.
  • Alignment of controls by customizable hot-keys, easily setting ampersands for a group of TLabel's and many others.
  • It's freeware.

New Downloads

18.01.2005   DesignerPlus for Delphi 7
18.01.2005   DesignerPlus for Delphi 6
18.05.2004   DesignerPlus help file
17.11.2002   DesignerPlus for C++ Builder 5
17.11.2002   DesignerPlus for Delphi 5