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DAP Benefits

Using DAP you have a diversity of great advantages, such as:

  • Use run-time application debugging at the component property and event value level, not at the variable value level.
  • Get component property values at any moment by a single click without breakpoints.
  • Investigate a huge project rapidly and get to know the name of any form without analyzing the project sources. Using DAP you can click on the form dialog and get this information within a glance.
  • Get a full list of all DLLТs used in your application.
  • If you give DAP to your beta-testers together with your application, you will get precise and detailed technical information about components instead of incomplete verbal description. This feature helps you to save much time required for problem solving...

New Downloads

29.01.2007   DAP Lite 1.3
19.01.2007   DAP Pro 2.4