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URL:  http://www.bittime.it

 bit Time Software S.r.l.
 Via Ciro Menotti 2/A
 20129 - Milano
 Tel: (+39) 02 87399401

bit Time Software is a leading company in software development, consultancy and highly technical training course delivery. It was founded in 2002. bit Time offer raise the ability of the companies to compete on the market, helping them to create a consistent vision of the processes and technologies in the IT market. bit Time offer is meant to the companies which need to improve their overall efficiency, building IT infrastructures to support business processes which are always evolving rapidly. Due to the skills of its own team and the numerous relationships with leading IT companies, bit Time offers know-how and professionals at high level, using strategy and tools at the edge of technology, to enable process modelling and implement IT architectures. bit Time gives to its customers the ability to increase the business value. To better satisfy the growing needs of the managers and professionals of the IT world, the company has been developing a wide range of training offer to meet the different skills and needs, offering a large calendar of training courses.bit Time is reseller of all CodeGear products. Since 2002 it has been Borland Learning Partner.The company has two locations in Italy, in Rome and in Milan.


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