1. Now you can change font colours in the SQL editor.

2. In the SQL editor you can deactivate queries to metadata while setting interlinear SQLProposal hints. This feature can be helpful for work with large remote databases.

3. The TpFIBTransaction component now works with the parameter isc_tpb_lock_timeout (for Firebird 2.1 upwards).

4. The TpFIBErrorHandler component now correctly handles the error isc_att_shutdown.

Bugs fixed

1. En error in the TpFIBDataset.Sort method has been fixed.

2. En error in the TFIBXSQLVAR.SetIsNull method occurred on working with string and BLOB-parameters. Fixed.

3. En error in the TFIBXSQLVAR.GetAsWideString method, occurred on working with BLOB-parameters. Fixed.

4. En error "BCD overflow" occurred on working with BCD-fields in Delphi XE 2. Fixed.

5. En error in the TpFIBDataSet.IsComputedField method, occurred in RAD Studio 2009 upwards. Fixed.

6. En error in the TpFIBDataSet.Clone method, occurred on trying to clone a dataset without records. Fixed.

7. En error in the TpFIBDataSet.VisibleRecord method, occurred on inserting and deleting records. Fixed.

8. En error in the TpFIBDataSet.Locate method, occurred on searching through calculated TWideField fields. Fixed.

9. En error in the TpFIBDataSet.Locate method, occurred on searching through BCD-fields with a large Scale value, for example, NUMERIC(18, 12). Fixed.

10. En error in the TÁFIBDataSet.RefreshFromDataSet method, occurred on trying to update the dataset dataset, which is in the filtering mode. Fixed.

11. En error in TpFIBSQLMonitor. In RAD Studio XE-XE2 it showed incorrect values of string fields on fetching records. Fixed.

12. En error in SQLParser caused incorrect parsing of comments in some SQL-texts. Fixed.

13. En error in TpFIBDBSchemaExtract, which incorrectly showed texts of some procedures. Fixed.

14. A procedure of processing errors retrieved from the server on compiling the components for 64-bit platform. Fixed.

15. En error in SQLEditor, which caused incorrect processing of comments without separators. Fixed.

16. En error in SQLEditor, which caused incorrect highlighting of some symbols in BDS 2009-’Ň2. Fixed.

Preview text: Whatís new in version 7.3: a few useful enhancements and 16 bug-fixes.
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We are a small software company with thousands of customers delivering comany wide systems including accounting, logistics, e-commerce, POS, sales etc etc. Several years ago, when we were still a very small company, we used Delphi 3 and Paradox combined with BDE. As our system (and customer base) grew I decided to switch to Delphi 5 and Interbase. Being a huge improvement over Delphi 3 and Paradox, I encountered numerous problems with IBX: memory leaks, performance issues and other problems. Borland was not to be bothered: IBX was provided "as is" and no support was avaliable. 
Not being very eager to use third party components with Delphi at first, I decided to give FIBPlus a try. At once all problems where gone: no more memory leaks and  performance was very consistent. 
But the real advantage of switching to FIBPlus came with the upgrade to D2005: after upgrading there were some problems with the new FIBPlus version. After emailing the problem I received an update within an hour! And this was at 11 pm! A few other (smaller) errors where handled in the same way. 
Our motto is: software is as good as its support. And support of Devrace is just great!
Just a little indication of our FIBPlus use: all our software runs 100% on FIBPlus. Our customers have a total of aprox. 4.800 Firebird databases in production, with a combined size of over 130TB and over 80 million transactions a day. Every
day. And FIBPlus has not failed a single transaction. Not once. There is, however, one (minor) drawback in using FIBPlus: while debugging an application which uses and invalid SQL instruction, de Delphi Debugger returns to the FIBPlus code instead of to our calling code (where the actual error comes from), thereby complicating de debug proces a little. But that is a very small price to pay for a otherwise brilliant third party solution! >>

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