1. New components (TpFIBNBackupService and TpFIBNRestoreService) have been added for NBackUp support for Firebird 2.5

2. Now Array fields are supported for —++ Builder XE.

3. The TpFIBDataSet component has methods for data export from tables:

procedure ExportDataToScript(Output: TStrings; TableName: string = ''; AllFields: boolean = False);

procedure ExportDataToScriptFile(const FileName: string; TableName: string = ''; AllFields: boolean = False);

Both of the methods export data from the Select query as an SQL script either into a TStrings object or to a file. TableName enables you to set a data limit retrieved in the query for a certain table of this query. If the AllFields parameter is set to True, it enables you to export values of all query fields irrespective of the table which they belong to. The resulting script uses the "execute block" statement, which reduces the query execution period in ten times (if compared with consecutive Insert calls).

4. Now FIBPlus supports a new version of MDT.

Bugs fixed

1. An error in the Locate method has been fixed. It occurred if the options loPartialKey + loCaseInsensitive were active in Delphi 5 - 2007.

2. BLOB field values were obtained incorrectly from BlobField.AsString.

3. In the SQL-editor the server-side calculated fields incorrectly appeared in the modified queries. Fixed.

4. An error of the ExtLocate method appeared in TpFIBDataset with the limited buffer size mode (cmkLimitedBufferSize). Fixed.

5. An error of work with bookmarks in TpFIBDataset appeared with the limited buffer size mode (cmkLimitedBufferSize). Fixed.

6. An error in the RecordFieldValue method of the TpFIBDataset component has been fixed.

7. Problems with the SQL text editor sometimes appeared on Copy/Paste operations. Fixed.

8. Errors with the SQL text editor have been fixed. They occurred in cases when only some of the modified queries were empty, while the rest were not.

9. The client library (gds32,fbclient) loaded only for the first connection. Fixed.

10. An error with the poDontCloseAfterEndTransaction option on working with datasets with BLOB-fields. Fixed.

Preview text: Whatís new in version 7.1: new components for NBackUp support for Firebird 2.5, compatibility with new MDT version and 10 bug-fixes.
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When I had to find the best component to connect to my Firebird databases, FIBPlus imposed itself with its rapidity and reliability. Most importantly, it continued to evolve to be even better and whenever we had a problem, it was fixed promptly by Devrace team. We use FIBPlus in many projects related to Healthcare. We have hundreds of users who access databases up to 8 GB in size. I think there are many good third-party components out there, but not so many with an excellent support like the one provided for FIBPlus components. Thanks to you. >>

Evelyne Girard, Canada
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