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05/11/2007 :: What's important to know when working with UNICODE? -

FIBPlus versions 6.0 upwards do support UNICODE. Earlier FIBPlus versions did not have this feature, that's why it was NOT possible at all to use charset of the UNICODE_FSS connection and no details about the database contents were provided . This article is aimed at explaining how to work with UNICODE correctly.

03/22/2007 :: FIBPlus Developer's Guide for FIBPlus (NEW) - FIBPlus Developer's Guide in printable format (PDF). Part 1, Part 2

03/16/2007 :: Devrace FIBPlus: Optimization of network traffic in Delphi and C++ Builder applications -

In this article we will try to give a number of recommendations and examples, which will enable developers to create more effective InterBase and Firebird applications. These technologies of optimization of network traffic can be applied to multi-user environment and systems that address to the server using low-speed channels (i.e. ISDN).

02/21/2007 :: FIBPlus: handling database errors - One of best FIBPlus advantages is its database error handling mechanism. In this article I will consider it in details. The main component used for error handling is called TpFibErrorHandler. It enables developers to handle errors centrally.

12/16/2006 :: Transactions in InterBase/Firebird: how to use them in FIBPlus (part 4) - InterBase and Firebird servers enable developers to use a single transaction while working with multiple databases. Two-phase commit in limbo transactions and other similar features are described in different articles about transactions, so I will not consider this topic in detail.

12/12/2006 :: Transactions in InterBase/Firebird: how to use them in FIBPlus (part 3) -

SNAPSHOT TABLE STABILITY isolation level reserves tables used in such transaction. There additional features enabling you to reserve tables in the transaction or vice versa to allow other transactions modify tables in SNAPSHOT TABLE STABILITY isolation level. In the SQL language it is a reserving operator, in TPB these are constants isc_tpb_lock_read, isc_tpb_lock_write, isc_tpb_exclusive, isc_tpb_shared, isc_tpb_protected. Here are examples on how to use them in practice.

12/11/2006 :: Transactions in InterBase/Firebird: how to use them in FIBPlus (part 1) -

Transactions in multi-user environment in InterBase/Firebird (and other database servers) are often not the trivial topic. Programmers prefer to use only the isolation level READ COMMITTED regardless the task conditions.

12/11/2006 :: Transactions in InterBase/Firebird: how to use them in FIBPlus (part 2) -

All operations with a database (any changes of data, metadata, data selection, etc) are executed in the context of a transaction. All changes done in the context the transaction can be either committed (if there are no exceptions) or rolled back. You cannot commit the transaction if an exception error appears in any transaction operation, you can only roll back all the operations.

01/23/2006 :: How to work with Blobs - A special data type BLOB enables you to store non-structured data in your database, such as images, OLE-objects, sounds, etc.This article is aimed at telling how to work with BLOB-fields.

02/28/2004 :: FIBPlus. Master-detail. Step 1. Getting data from the table and showing it in TDBGrid. - Peculiarities of master-detail mechanism in the course of work with InterBase. Step 1.

02/28/2004 :: FIBPlus. Master-detail. Step 2. Creation of live queries. Use of generators for getting Primary Key values. - Devrace FIBPlus: Peculiarities of master-detail mechanism in the course of work with InterBase. Step 2

02/28/2004 :: FIBPlus. Master-detail. Step 3. AutoCommit Mode. Work in the context of two transactions for avoiding DEADLOCK - Devrace FIBPlus: Peculiarities of master-detail mechanism in the course of work with InterBase. Step 3.

02/28/2004 :: FIBPlus. Master-detail. Step 4. Master-detail link. Use of a special prefix "MAS_" for parameter naming. - Devrace FIBPlus: Peculiarities of master-detail mechanism in the course of work with InterBase. Step 4.

02/28/2004 :: FIBPlus. Master-detail. Step 5. Customizing master-detail mechanism. - Devrace FIBPlus: Peculiarities of master-detail mechanism in the course of work with InterBase. Step 5.

01/30/2004 :: Delphi Informant has published Bill Todd's article about FIBPlus -

Bill Todd comes to the only conclusion

09/06/2003 :: Boolean fields in applications for InterBase and Firebird - The absence of evident support of boolean fields in InterBase always surprised and interested the developers who used this server. And in any case these developers had to emulate the support of boolean fields.

09/06/2003 :: Using of FIBPlus macros - While working with TpFIBDataSet and TpFIBQuery it is also possible to use in the query macroses...

09/06/2003 :: InterBase and Firebird server transactions and their support in FIBPlus - This topic is based on the article written by Michael Zhuravlev (

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

06/27/2007 :: Where and how to use FIBPlusTools?

05/14/2007 :: I want to display a field NUMERIC(18,6) in a pFIBDataSet (with persistent fields) in the currency format. I set the Currency property to True,

05/11/2007 :: Why in FIBPlus 6.5 do I get an error "COLUMN The column ... was specified multiple times for derived table unnamed." in some queries?

05/08/2007 :: When compiling FIBPlus I see the message "File not found" FIBDatabase.dcu. I did download FIBDatabase.pas and put it into the directory c:\fibplus\sources. Can you help me?

03/21/2007 :: Why are some records lost when I use the Locate method in the cmkLimitedBufferSize mode?

03/16/2007 :: I purchased FIBPlus. Why do my applications compiled with FIBPlus still require registering the library?

03/16/2007 :: What differs the TpFIBDataSet.ApplyUpdToBase method from TpFIBDataSet.ApplyUpdates?

03/12/2007 :: Is there a tool that automates BDE to FIBPlus conversion?

03/12/2007 :: When compiling my FIBPlus applications for Turbo Delphi (BDS 2006) I get an error. What should I do to avoid it?

03/07/2007 :: How to connect to a remote Firebird server using FIBPlus?

03/07/2007 :: I have problems with paths to the database when I use Firebird Embedded

03/07/2007 :: Why is the parameter for MASTER_ID field in InsertSQL has a name different from the that of the column?

03/07/2007 :: What's an optimal scenario of using separate transactions in TpFIBDataSet in a multi-user Application? I mean what are best transaction settings for the two separate transaction?

03/07/2007 :: Is there a component in FIBPlus that I can use to run SQL Scripts in?

03/07/2007 :: What happens with a record that is being edited if all its fields are empty and I do CommitRetaining of a transaction? Can I continue editing this record or will I have problems ?

03/07/2007 :: I'm using FIBPlus to gain WWW database access using kbmwab. So every user needs to have a different but usable session. How to realize this?

03/07/2007 :: Why do I have very slow inserts of numerous records using Firebird (I have several hundred thousands of records)?

03/01/2007 :: Why don’t FindFirst and FindNext methods work?

01/31/2007 :: How to obtain a correct number of records in TpFIBDataSet?

01/29/2007 :: What’s the difference between FIBPlus free trial version and its commercial analogue?

12/16/2006 :: I'd like to know how to clone a dataset. Would you have an example (Step By Step) of how this is done?

12/16/2006 :: How to create a "persistent" calculated field?

12/16/2006 :: I cannot work out the difference between HasUncommittedChanges and Modified for the Dataset

12/16/2006 :: I am planning to store images in a BLOB field. What is the best way to work with BLOBs?

12/16/2006 :: Can you help me with a coding example showing how to program the handle of the database errors.

12/16/2006 :: Is there an easy way to clone database connections?

12/16/2006 :: Is it possible to use FIBPlus in a Linux console application without x-server libraries?

12/16/2006 :: Can I get an example of LockRecord coding?

12/16/2006 :: I'd like to clear params after running a query but can not find the correct property method. There's no Clear method or something like that. How can I clear the params?

12/16/2006 :: Does TFIBStringField support Unicode fields?

12/16/2006 :: How to check whether a table exists or not?

12/16/2006 :: In the BDE I have to appoint a session when I need more instances of a form on which tables are stored. But how can I accomplish this with FIBPlus?

12/16/2006 :: Is it possible to use a prefixed database in TFIBQuery like: DELETE FROM DB1.TABLE1 WHERE DB1.TABLE1.FIELD1 = DB2.TABLE1.FIELD1

12/16/2006 :: There is an ExecSQL procedure in IBDataSet within an IBX-program. What's its analogue in FIBPlus (I need to use it in Insert/Update operations).

12/10/2006 :: I want to write arrays into an InterBase table. Why doesn't the following code work?

12/10/2006 :: When using the TpFIBDataSet, I do not seem to find a way to handle INT64 types. Help please

02/20/2006 :: Which transaction starts: Transaction or UpdateTransaction when poStartTransaction is True?

02/10/2006 :: How to use both servers Firebird and InterBase without recompiling FIBPlus?

02/10/2006 :: Problem with data not being visible between workstations

02/10/2006 :: What happens first, BeforePost or OnNewRecord in AutoUpdateOptions.WhenGetGenID options?

02/10/2006 :: What does the option PoForceIsNull mean?

02/10/2006 :: What's FIBPlus equivalent of IBX ExecSQL procedure in IBDataSet?

02/10/2006 :: When I define a filter for TpFIBDataSet, where is it executed, at the client or at the server? Is Filter equal to Where?

02/10/2006 :: How to check whether a table exists or not?

02/10/2006 :: How to copy one table from one database to an identical table from the other database?

02/09/2006 :: How to install FIBPlus with Rubicon driver?

02/09/2006 :: After installation I have no SQL Generator in the right click options menu of the components

01/22/2006 :: I get an exception:"Variant or safe arrays out of bounds" on selecting any records sorted by "ORDER BY [NAME]" (in Kylix 3)

06/06/2004 :: Problems with FIBPlusEditors installation because Delphi cannot find the files

06/06/2004 :: I am considering switching from IBX to FIBplus. What would it take to do that?

09/06/2003 :: Why is it better to work with InterBase/Firebird via FIBPlus than via BDE?

Release notes for new FIBPlus versions

06/01/2013 :: FIBPlus 7.5 Release Notes - What’s new in version 7.5: compatibility with RAD Studio XE4 and FireMonkey support.

04/22/2013 :: FIBPlus 7.4.5 Release Notes - What’s new in version 7.4.5: useful enhancements in TpFIBScripter component and 18 bug-fixes.

10/21/2012 :: FIBPlus 7.4 Release Notes - What’s new in version 7.4: RAD Studio XE3 support, a few useful enhancements and 6 bug-fixes.

04/01/2012 :: FIBPlus 7.3 Release Notes - What’s new in version 7.3: a few useful enhancements and 16 bug-fixes.

07/04/2011 :: FIBPlus 7.1 Release Notes - What’s new in version 7.1: new components for NBackUp support for Firebird 2.5, compatibility with new MDT version and 10 bug-fixes.

12/24/2010 :: FIBPlus 7.0.15 Release Notes - What’s new in version 7.0.15: 10 bug fixes.

11/29/2010 :: FIBPlus 7.0 Release Notes - What’s new in version 7.0: 20 enhancements, 13 bug fixes.

11/11/2009 :: FIBPlus 6.9.9 Release Notes - What’s new in version 6.9.9: 6 enhancements, 16 bug fixes.

03/05/2009 :: FIBPlus 6.9.6 Release Notes - What’s new in version 6.9.6: 6 enhancements, 6 bug fixes.

01/27/2009 :: FIBPlus 6.9.5 for Delphi/C++ Builder 2009 Release Notes - What's new in version 6.9.5: supports Delphi and C++ Builder 2009

08/24/2008 :: What's new in version 6.9.5 -

What’s new in version 6.9.5: 3 enhancements, 12 bug fixes. Has in particular improvements in an ErrorMessage repository. Besides the FIBPlus code has been improved for further compatibility with BDS 2009.

10/14/2007 :: FIBPlus 6.8 Release Notes - What's new in version 6.8: 9 enhancements, 8 bug fixes. Has a new TpFIBScripter component and supports CSMonitor.

05/10/2007 :: FIBPlus 6.7 Release Notes - What's new in version 6.7: 7 enhancements, 14 bug fixes. Supports InterBase 2007 and Delphi 2007

05/10/2007 :: All new FIBPlus features, enhancements and bug fixes in versions 4.8-6.7 - That is new in versions 5.0-6.7: 135 enhancements, 161 bug fixes. Supports InterBase 2007 and Delphi 2007

12/06/2006 :: FIBPlus 6.5 Release Notes - What's new in version 6.5: 7 enhancements, 15 bug fixes. Better support of Firebird 2.0

07/24/2006 :: FIBPlus 6.45 Release Notes - What's new in version 6.45: 7 enhancements, 16 bug fixes. Support of C++ Builder 2006.

05/01/2006 :: FIBPlus 6.4.1 Release Notes - What's new in FIBPlus 6.4.1, bug-fixes, etc

02/15/2006 :: Release Notes for version 6.4 - Read about better library stability, 4 enhancements, 11 bug fixes and better compatibility with Delphi 2006.

12/01/2005 :: FIBPlus 6.3 Release Notes - Read about better library stability, 15 enhancements, 20 bug fixes and better compatibility with C++ Builder, Kylix, Firebird 2 and InterBase 7.5.

05/25/2005 :: FIBPlus 6.25 Release Notes - Read about new methods for better Firebird 2 support and many bug fixes

04/19/2005 :: FIBPlus 6.2 Release Notes - This version better supports Unicode and is compatible with Firebird 2 and Delphi 2005

01/11/2005 :: FIBPlus 6.1 Release Notes - This version includes bug-fixes of FIBPlus 6.0

11/16/2004 :: Hot fixes for FIBPlus 6.0 - Use these hot fixes for FIBPlus 6.0 if you would not like to wait for FIBPlus 6.0 Service Pack

11/10/2004 :: What's new in version 6.0? - New features, bug-fixes

02/17/2004 :: FIBPlus 5.2 Release Notes - What's new in FIBPlus 5.2

11/10/2003 :: FIBPlus 5.1 Release Notes - New features, changes and bug-fixes

10/15/2003 :: FIBPlus 5.0.8 Release Notes - What's new in FIBPlus 5.0.8: new features and enhancements, bug fixes.

09/30/2003 :: FIBPlus 5.0 release notes - What's new in FIBPlus 5.0? Features, enhancements and fixed bugs.


04/24/2007 :: LICENSE STATEMENT Devrace FIBPlus -



05/02/2006 :: FIBPlus trainings in Germany and Italy

09/06/2003 :: FIBPlus as an alternative for access to InterBase and Firebird - What is FIBPlus and what are its advantages?

12/01/2001 :: FIBPlus on InterBase 6.5 Roadshow in Germany - FIBPlus has been presented in Germany on InterBase 6.5 roadshow jointly with Borland and Better-Office.

05/01/2001 :: Comparative productivity of access means to InterBase and Firebird. - Devrace FIBPlus team has tested different direct InterBase and Firebird connectivities for Delphi and C++ Builder. Would you like to know what advantages and disadvantages of each component set are?

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"FIBPlus is a great choice if you're going to work with InterBase and/or Firebird. The components let you easily use all the features of both databases in your applications...FIBPlus will make your InterBase and Firebird development easier than ever before...". Read the full story. >>

Bill Todd, president of The Database Group, Inc., a contributing editor to Delphi Informant Magazine, and a member of Team B
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