System requirements and compatibility

  • BDE and third-party database engines are not required.
  • Compatible with Borland InterBase 4.x - 2007 and Firebird 1.x-2.x (Yaffil).
  • Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP support.
  • Only GDS32.DLL (FBCLIENT.DLL) is required.

Support of database objects

  • View of domains, tables, stored procedures, triggers, generators, exceptions, user's defined functions, blob-filters, roles and database shadows.
  • Editing of data of tables: insert, change and deletion of table records.
  • Iterative object dependency viewer for all database objects.
  • Editing of description of database objects including table columns.
  • View of object DDL statement for all types of database objects.
  • Support of national text in exceptions.

BlazeTop Rapid Database Development IDE

  • Modern and easy-to-use IDE with fully integrated SQL (DDL) Editor, support of hyper-links and color syntax highlighting.
  • Integrated Code Proposal Tool for fast and flexible SQL editing and use of proper syntax.
  • Powerful Navigator enables quick manipulation with registered servers, databases and open objects.
  • Delphi-like Object Inspector helps to view and visually change object properties either in Object Inspector or with the help of special property editors.

Integrated Database Tools

  • Multi-tab SQL Editor to edit and execute SQL and DDL queries in a database.
  • Handy DDL Finder to find text in the database metadata.
  • FIBPlus and IBX Monitors to trace all SQL queries executed by other applications, which use FIBPlus and IBX components.
  • Efficient SQL Player to execute SQL-scripts. It's optimized to process huge SQL-scripts.
  • Easy-to-use TXT Loader to fill database tables with external data.
  • Convenient DDL Grantor to set user's permissions on database objects.
  • Very fast DDL Extractor and DML Exporter to create SQL-script with DDL- and INSERT-statements of a database.
  • DDL Commentator to describe all database objects directly in a database.
  • Best-in-class Dependence Viewer with very intuitive interface.
  • DDL History and DML History are tools enabling you to view user changes of data and metadata made by other BlazeTop tools

InterBase and Firebird (Yaffil) Services Support

  • Use User Manager to control server users.
  • Use Server Log to view the log of the defined server.
  • Use Server Properties to view properties of the defined server.
  • Use Database Properties to view properties of the defined database.
  • Use Database Statistics to view system statistics of the defined database.
  • Use Database Shutdown to disconnect users from the database.
  • Use Database Online to restore user connection to the database.
  • Use Database Backup to backup the database.
  • Use Database Restore to restore the database from the backup.
  • Use Database Validation to check the database validity.
  • Use Database Sweep to collect garbage in the database.
  • Use Database Mend to restore the corrupted database.

Export and Import functions

  • Use Data export with DML Exporter
  • Use Metadata export with DDL Extractor
  • Use SQL Editor to save data into a text SQL-file or an HTML-file with syntax highlighting and export them to the clipboard as Delphi String.
  • Copy data from Data | Grid in the following formats: Text Files (txt), Comma-separated values (csv), HTML-files (html), Rich Text Format (rtf), Microsoft Excel Workbook (xls)
  • Copy the selected data from Data | Grid in the format Comma-separated values (csv) into the clipboard.
  • Save data into Microsoft Excel or Open Office SCalc with OLE.
  • Use TXT Loader to load data from an external file with the INSERT commands.
  • Use SQL Player to load data and metadata from a external file with arbitrary SQL commands.

Other features

  • Get complete Unicode support at the level of database charsets and in visual tools (including copying from the clipboard, insertion of parameters into SQL queries, etc)
  • Enjoy BlazeTop robust performance optimized for work with huge data levels in Data | Grid, for export/import of SQL scripts, etc.
  • Get an ability to add user IDE extensions based on standard BPL-packages.
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